10 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

We have all been there. It is a critical birthday for your brother, best friend or favorite cousin and you have no clue what to buy for a present. They already have two blenders, five Yankee Candles, three gift cards to local restaurants, an awesome jacket and everything else they want. As the day approaches, you need something different to offer and need inspiration. Here are some ideas for gifts to give to the person who has everything.

  • Rugs

You have probably been to his or her home and know the style it is decorated in. Even if there already are rugs, a new one can always add a new element to freshen up a room. You can choose from mid century modern rugs or send a gift certificate so your friend or family member can choose the perfect one on this special occasion.

  • Dartboards

Games are always fun to have around for entertainment, and something like a dartboard can be enjoyed solo or with a crowd. There are magnetic options for those who don’t want sharp points in their home. This game can be played in a variety of settings and weather conditions because you can play indoors and outside.

  • Reusable Bags

Giving the gift of reusable bags is not only good for the environment, but it is also multifunctional for groceries, paper products or other types of shopping. You can support local artists by ordering unique bags from them for your present. Using this as gift wrapping for other presents makes gift-giving twice as nice.

  • Lamps

Lamps can be subtle or make a huge statement. This gift can be used in any room and comes in a wide range of prices, colors and styles. You can also include LED light bulbs to complete the package and help out with electric bills.

  • Fish

Fish can make a great present because of their colors and varieties. If your loved one already has fish, you can pick up some to add to the collection, or start a new tank. Helping with maintenance will give you an excuse to visit regularly.

  • Clocks

Because of the versatility of clocks, they make a great gift, no matter how many are already in the home. They can be any size, hung up or on a mantle, for the bedroom or a patio feature. They also come in a range of prices.

  • Cutting Boards

A well-stocked kitchen will have some wonderful cutting boards, but one more that is different from all the others will rejuvenate this collection and can be used as a decorating piece on a counter or table, as well.

  • Subscriptions

Subscriptions to favorite magazines are nothing new but are still a great idea. You can also pay for a subscription to an online streaming service featuring movies, music, services or any interest your loved one has that is available in an app or channel.

  • Welcome Mats

Maybe the recipient of your gift has recently moved, or maybe he or she has lived in the same house for 50 years, but in either case, a new welcome mat can spruce up any doorway. It can make every person who visits feel happy and remind your loved one of your generous spirit.

  • Tickets

Tickets to any favorite event make great gifts. You can treat someone to a music concert, a sporting event, an airline seat, a comedy show or an inspirational speaker. Most events are happening now according to schedules since the pandemic guidelines are not inhibiting large gatherings. Experiences like these make amazing memories that your loved one will cherish for years to come.

Choosing a special present for an important occasion can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Take into consideration the interests of your loved one and look into companies that provide services or products not already used. New features for his or her home can be wonderful reminders of your thoughtfulness, too.

Lachlan Jefferson